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          Ottoman hot Spice Seasoning Herb Mix All Natural Premium No Preservatives / 7 OZ


          QUALITY: No Preservatives Uses only fresh herbs and spices which are then hand prepared into our unique Mediterranean flavors. Throughout Turkey, herbs and spices are abundant and grown without any harsh chemicals. The climate of the Mediterranean helps preserve the natural flavors and aromas of herbs and spices.

          FLAVOR: Ottoman Spice Mix is a versatile seasoning that can be added to enhance the flavors of meats, soups, rice, vegetables, and even pasta and breads. The use of spices and herbs are very important in Turkish cooking. Turkish cuisine is healthy and nutritious and the Turks are purist in their culinary taste; their dishes bring out the flavor of the main ingredient rather than hiding it behind sauces. Therefore, spicing becomes crucial to add flavor to a Turkish dish.


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