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          Burma with Pistachio /1 kg

          Fine kunafa wrapped in a literal way to surround a beautiful line of green pistachios, then to be fried with excellent ghee to take the fascia golden color surrounding the green .. ingredients: Flour, starch, sugar, pistachio, butter
          SKU: BA0005

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          Mix of all oriental sweets with different flavors and balanced sweet, and bright spring colors in Small and nice plate which super luxury for any important event Ingredients: Pistachio, cashew, butter, flour, starch, sugar
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          Walnut Maamoul is one of the popular and famous eastern Sweets. The dough is stuffed by hand with excellent walnuts and putty with a little sugar, it is grilled to take the form of maamoul known to everyone, which is topped with red color and flavored pure ghee Ingredients: Walnut, butter, starch, sugar, flour
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