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          Alsultan Sweets

          Picture of  Koul & Shkour / 1.1 lb(500gr)
          Green pistachio is ground like a natural vegetable surrounded by half a circle of baklava chips ... It is grilled to take the color of baklava and topped with red color ... crisp, delicious and light to make you eat more ... So call it old ( Koul & Shkour ) ingredients: Pistachio, butter, starch, sugar, flour
          Picture of Assorted Nawashif / 350g(12.4oz)
          Mix of all the oriental sweets with different flavors, balanced sweet, and bright spring colors Ingredients: Sesame, pistachio, butter, starch, sugar, flour, dates
          Picture of Burma with Pistachio /500gr
          Fine kunafa wrapped in a literal way to surround a beautiful line of green pistachios, then to be fried with excellent ghee to take the fascia golden color surrounding the green .. ingredients: Flour, starch, sugar, pistachio, butter
          Picture of Fisalieh 500 gr(1.1lb)
          Picture of Assorted Baklava /500g(1.1lb)
          A blend of all oriental sweets with different flavors and sweet and balanced spring colors ingredients: Pistachio, cashew, butter, flour, starch, sugar
          Picture of Pistachio Mamul /500gr(1.1lb)
          Walnut Maamoul is one of the popular and famous eastern Sweets. The dough is stuffed by hand with excellent walnuts and putty with a little sugar, it is grilled to take the form of maamoul known to everyone, which is topped with red color and flavored pure ghee Ingredients: Walnut, butter, starch, sugar, flour
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